Information for our patients

In accordance with the latest update of Western European protocols we place a great emphasis on the detailed evaluation of the problem and exploration of our patients, and subsequently, on the basis of the above, on obtaining a diagnosis and recommending therapy.

The evaluation proceeds in several visits, and during these visits you or your relative complete tests, questionnaires, and consult a psychologist who administers a detailed neuropsychiatric interview as well as various attention tests.


Sessions take place according to a preliminary appointment.
You can ask for an appointment via telephone or email:

Phone: +36 1 413 1348 or +36 70 395 9844

Email: or
Consulting hours: Monday 13:00-19:00 Tuesday-Wednesday 10:00-17:00


Medical consultation English or Swedish: 30.000 HUF

Psychotherapy: Psychotherapy sessions with a psychologist usually once a
Fee: 50 minutes/25.000 HUF (individual)

Diagnostic evaluation of ADHD

The fee of the evaluation series is 125.000 HUF.

(The laboratory tests are performed elsewhere, therefore they are not included in our fee.)